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Wheel alignment, or tracking as it is sometimes known, is the process of ensuring your vehicles wheels are set to the optimum position as per the van or car manufacturer's specifications. Wheel alignment can be knocked out by hitting kerbs and potholes whilst driving or by excessive wear on steering or suspension components. Incorrect wheel alignment may result in rapid or irregular tyre wear and can also affect the handling and safety of your car or van.

Checking your wheel alignment regularly will make your tyre wear evenly and prolong the life of the tyre. It can even increase your fuel efficiency due to the reduction of rolling resistance with the road. Keep an eye out for unusal wear on your tyres, such as the inside or outside edges wearing at a different rate - this could be caused by incorrect wheel alignment. If you notice any uneven wear or that your van or car is pulling to one side while you drive, bring it in to Xtreme Tyres so we can check your wheel alignment for you. At Xtreme Tyres we recommend that you have your tyres and wheel alignment checked every 6 months, regardless of any other issues, to keep your van or car safe to drive.

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