Tyre Maintenance from Xtreme Tyres & TyreSafe.org

Here at Xtreme Tyres, we recommend checking your tyres on a regular - preferably weekly - basis. You should fully examine the tyres for tread depth, your tyre pressures, tread damage and side wall damage. If after checking you are unsure if your tyres are fit for use please contact us on 01903 202140 or send us a message using our Contact Form and we will be happy to provide some expert advice.

If you are at all worried about any aspect of your van or car tyres, please call in and ask for a FREE Tyre Safety Check.

 Tyre pressure being checked as part of ongoing tyre maintenance

Tyre Pressures

Ensuring your tyres are properly inflated will not only extend your tyres lifespan, but ensure they are safe for use and reduce your van or cars fuel consumption.

"What is the right tyre pressure?"

Your van or car manufacturer will specify what pressure your tyres should be inflated to. You can find the recommended pressures in your vehicle handbook. It is your responsibility that the recommended pressures are maintained. We therefore advise that you check your tyres pressures on a regular basis.

The main reason you must keep tyres to their recommended pressures is driving safety. Under inflated tyres can result in over heating and over inflated tyres can adversley effect your vehicle's handling. Furthermore, over inflated tyres will suffer more wear and will therefore not last as long. Underinflated tyres increase resistance meaning that more fuel is needed to maintain speed.

You can check your van or cars manufacturer specified tyre pressures on TyreSafe.org's Tyre Pressure Checker.

EU Tyre Labels

Undoubtedly one of the biggest changes to affect the tyre industry in recent years is the intrduction of the EU Tyre Label. To help consumers understand what the labels mean, TyreSafe.org created a short video featureing everyones favourite crash test dummy Mr McIntyre.

More information on tyre safety can be found at TyreSafe.org.

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