Engine Re-Mapping in East Sussex & West Sussex - from Chichester to Falmer and everywhere in between

Car with recent ECU Re-Mapping being tested for increased performance

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Re-Mapping can help your car or van incease its fuel economy and performance. All modern vans and cars are fitted with an ECU to manage and log the performance of your vehicle. It takes these readings from sensors placed throughout your car or vans engine. The ECU analyses information such as the angle of the accelerator pedal, engine temperature and oxygen content in the burnt exhaust gases amongst many others. It takes this information and assesses it to know how much fuel to add at any given moment to provide the perfect mix of fuel economy and engine power whilst driving.

When a manufacturer makes a new car, it must program the ECU to provide the best performance it can over a wide range of territories. This can lead to a car working as well in a Scandinavian winter as it does in a Mediterranean summer. By having your ECU Re-Mapped, you can get your car or van to perform at its optimum for the terrain and conditions you will be driving in. This will give you increased performance and, in many cases, improve your fuel economy markedly.

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