Xtreme Tyres Guide to Tyre Markings

Below is an example of the new EU Tyre Labelling standards:

Example of EU Tyre Labelling Standards

Knowing what size of tyre you need can often be a bit tricky. Fortunately, we have this handy guide to help you read the tyre size from your existing tyres.

Guide to finding your tyre size from your existing tyre

  • 1 - This is the width across the tyre in millimetres
  • 2 - This is the height of the tyre side
  • 3 - This is the radial construction of the tyre
  • 4 - This is the diameter of the inner rim in inches
  • 5 - This is the load capacity index. A look up chart is required to make proper sense of the data
  • 6 - This is the speed rating of the tyre


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